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Paul J Riley has released his debut album, ‘Alba Place’, so look out for more information about this exciting new artist.

The album was written in Alba Place and Wornington Rd, West London, as well as in Turtleback Drive, Grenada, in a time of prosperity and then relative hardship. The pre-production and drumming were recorded in Nottinghamshire by Wayne Proctor, during a tough period of unfolding financial crisis and then a healthy one.

The album was released in the spring of 2012, with a radio edit of ‘Blue’ receiving airplay in October and November 2011.


Paul was joined by Roger Pomphrey (who has previously worked on the ‘Classic Albums’ documentary about Hendrix’s ‘Electric Ladyland’) amidst the 100-degree heat of the Californian desert. Pomphrey, who’s portfolio includes work with Pete Doherty and Damien Hirst, produced a 12 minute film about the new album ‘Alba Place’.

‘Dragging camera equipment around in that kind of heat is not fun and we could only really shoot at the end of the day as the heat was so fierce, but it is a spectacular landscape, so was worth every drop of sweat’ says Riley.

The girl in the film is Djeneba Aduayom, who’s previous career was with Robbie Williams and Tina Turner, as well as being contracted for the last Michael Jackson concerts before his untimely demise. She now lives and works in southern California as a photographer.


Paul met Wayne Proctor when looking for a drummer who could also produce. Wayne had some tracks available on myspace, for a guy called Sefton, and the sounds and feel seemed to be light-years ahead of what he’d managed to produce the year before. Wayne started off with one of Paul’s tracks (After Rain) and the project snowballed with some 25 or 30 tracks being demo-ed before the final 12 were selected.

The record is a collaboration of firsts, representing Wayne’s first ‘serious’ album and Paul’s first attempt to record some of his extensive catalogue of songs.

Since its release, ‘Alba Place’ has been collecting favourable reviews and recommendations from journalists, fans and fellow artists. 2012 looks to be a promising year for Paul!


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