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*** "Brimming with classic acoustic tones and well- observed lyrics, this outing by Paul J Riley vibes of Neil Young pleasantly, while preserving a musical identity that is distinctly British.”
Guitarist Mag 

 “It’s a mature, soulful, heartfelt piece of work”
Nick Churchill - Fatea Mag

“The vocals are smooth, the lyrics well written, it’s all emotive stuff – pleasant listening.”
Joe Geesin - Get Ready To Rock 

*****  “A competent debut. A pleasant, well played and produced release on which Paul wears his Al Stewart influence proudly. I was also reminded of Clifford T Ward.”
Get Ready To Rock

"Paul's voice is unusually high & boyish. There are lashings of restrained slide & lap steel guitar & some excellent piano & organ playing. Best number is “Monsters”, grittier, in a minor key with Crosby, Stills, Nash style vocal harmonies & more fine keys & slide guitar.”
Blues in Britain 

 “Riley creates a cosy, dreamy landscape that’ll have you swaying”.
Guitar & Bass Mag

 “A beguiling collection of soft rock with touches of Al Stewart & Neil Young. Full of songs that seduce through straight forward tight arrangements & muscianship.
Fireworks Mag

"Pleasant, well recorded & expertly produced pop with Riley's narrative lyric style reminiscent of the great songsmith Al Stewart's finer moments. Well worth seeking out"
Guitar Techniques 

"Paul Riley - lovely new track from him."
BBC Radio 2 

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